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Holmium Laser Safety Glasses  
Are you looking for Holmium Laser safety glasses that are compliant, reliable, affordable and available from stock?


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LG-080 IR Laesr safety Glasses


LG-080 Wavelength Optical density chart

  • IR Laser Glasses- EN207 -Clear Lens -NEW
  • US, CE Marked, EN207/208 and AU/NZ Standards
  • High visibility clear glass lenses
  • Allows visibility for splicing
  • Works with or without prescription glasses
  • Robust & Comfortable
  • Comes with case & strap
  • 12 month warranty
1010-1500nm OD 7+
945-2300nm OD 5+
2300-2500nm OD 4+  
2800-10600nm OD 5+  
850-5200nm OD 3+   In Stock  
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CE EN207 L-Rating

950-1000 DIR LB5
>1000-1063 DIR LB6
>1063-1400 D LB6 + IR LB7
>1400-2500 DIR LB4
2900-3200 + 10600 DI LB4

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laser beam expander , beam-expander
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