Custom Designed Laser Beam Expander

Utlising Zemax and 3D mechanical design software DiOptika can design a beam expander solution to meet your exact requirements. DiOptika has produced large output lens and mirror based beam expander systems for medical , safety , industrial and military applications. Please contact our custom technical design team with your requirements

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  Laesr Beam Expander

Customers Needs Your intial contact will be with one of our application engineers where your technical requirements will be discussed and established.

Beam Expander Custom

Design Specifications The next phase DiOptika will put together detailed technical specifications for your approval.

Technical Drawings Detailed Optical Mechanical drawings will be made and amended until they meet your requirements.

  Drawing Approval Once the drawings are agreed upon they will be signed off and component manufacture will begin.
Manufacture & Test The beam expander will then be assembled and tested according to the specifications.
Final QC The finished product will be thoroughly tested by QC prior to delivery.
  Laser Beam Expander Design




Laser Beam Expander Design

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Laser Beam Expander Design