New Adjustable Modern 810nm Laser Safety Glasses

The new LG-016N are a modern style of infrared laser protection eyewear from 785nm through to 830nm and have an optical density of 6+ from 800-818nm.  The wavelength and optical density coverage combined with excellent visibility of 61% make them ideal for protection against 810nm lasers commonly used for laser hair removal.  The new style of LG-016N laser safety glasses have adjustable arms and adjustable head strap allowing them to fit on all head sizes.  With a strong frame going all way around the lenses they have a good combination of style as well as strength making them a good choice for high usage applications.  Contact us for more information on the LG-016N laser safety glasses!

New 810nm Laser Safety Glasses & Eyewear

New 810nm Laser Safety Glasses & Eyewear

IS-015 Client Laser Eyeshields

The IS-015 metal laser eyeshields provide client or patient protection against all laser or IPL types from 190nm through to 11,000nm with an OD 7+.  The eyeshields have reuseable silicone rubber rims for extra comfort and adjustable elastic head straps.  The IS-015 laser eyeshields are made from a brush metal finish stainless steel and have a lifetim warranty on the frame.  Each set come with two pairs of silicone rims and three sets of the adjustable straps and an attractive metal storage case.



New Dye Laser Safety Glasses

Sperian LGF Dye Laser Safety Glasses

DiOptika now stocks the Sperian LGF Dye Laser Safety Glasses.  The new style have a blue coloured lens with an excellent VLT (Visible Light Transmssion of 25%) compared to purple Dye lenses which have VLT’s of ~16%.  The LGF Dye laser glasses are fully certified to Australian laser safety standards and have an OD 4.9+ from  591nm to 597nm and OD 5.2+ from 592-596nm.  The GPT style are a modern wrap around with excellent peripheral vision.

LG-089 Dye Laser Safety Eyewear